Where is Gamlingay?

Gamlingay is an ancient village on the Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire border in Eastern England.
The name ‘Gamlingay’ is said to come from the Old English Gamelingei, meaning “an enclosure of Gamela’s people”.
It is 15 miles west of the county town of Cambridge and 45 miles north of London.
In addition to Gamlingay village, the parish includes outlying areas of Gamlingay Cinques, Gamlingay Great Heath and Little Heath. Woodbury used to be in the parish but was transferred to Bedfordshire in 1965.
Click Here for a map of the village.

A war memorial, built from Cornish granite, stands inside the new cemetery near the church and commemorates men from the village who died in the First and Second World Wars.
Two timber-framed buildings in the village date from the late 15th or early 16th centuries: The Emplins (The Old Rectory), a large house near the church, and Merton Manor Farm on Station Rd.
A total of 60 buildings in Gamlingay parish are listed, including the Baptist chapel on Stocks Lane, Merton Grange, the Cock Inn, many buildings along Church Street and a red telephone box outside the church.

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