Gamlingay Railway Station. Date unknown.

Gamlingay is a village with a very long history and is probably one of the best documented in the country. There’s been a settlement on the site since at least the Bronze Age and there are written records going back to the Saxon period.
There are also hundreds of photographs in existence from the 1890s onwards. The purpose of Gamlingay Photos is to collect & restore as many of these as possible and thus preserve a valuable part of the village history for future generations to enjoy.

This is an ongoing project and there are lots more photos to come. I’ve separated them into various categories as shown above. If you have any similar photographs of old Gamlingay that you’d like to contribute to the site, please contact me below. To upload your photos here, all I need to do is scan them into the computer. Scanning will not damage the original photo in any way and takes only a short while, after which they will be returned to you.

If, for any reason you find a photo here that you wish to be removed please contact me & it will be taken down forthwith.


If you can help identify any individuals or have spotted any errors please contact me. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or complaints contact me by email at gamlingayphotos@gmail.com or by telephone on 01767 651472 (evenings).

David Allen
(Gamlingay History Society)
(Please note: All photos are protected by ®Invisible Watermark)

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